Arle Nadja (kandyneko) wrote,
Arle Nadja


They've updated to 0.7.7. Not too many people are on that right now. I've been playing for a few weeks now, basically since I've been laid off, going up from absolute suck to merely mediocre in skill. I told all my friends about the game, it's been good.

It's not so easy to gather details about the command lines, map editting, other such things. I think alot of the people who are making it assume you know all about quake 3 already and understand the minor differences between the two as well. There is a wiki, but it'd be nice to have some more sections about how to do certain things on it. I'm wondering if I should suggest things to be filled in by those who know, or if nobody really likes doing documentation anyway. I find alot of the answers by searching for quake3 as well, and adapt as I go. Perhaps I should put together the things I've learned in one place, or edit their wiki or I don't know what.

Also I kind of wish I knew more of things to do to get better, just practice seems to help. But knowing what to avoid doing would be good. Not enough people are playing ctf, more seem to be in deathmatch. I'm not as good as deathmatch. I am at least getting better at going against the computer.

I set up my own server for 0.7.7 because there aren't very many set up yet. Sometimes there is people on it but not too many. I might take it down so it's more likely they'd be in other places too. I don't know, but I'm learning how that is done too.
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