Arle Nadja (kandyneko) wrote,
Arle Nadja

Happy 2011

Now we are in "The Future" 2011.
I post here very rarely. I should use this for something, maybe post about games or anime, or even computer programming.

I started keeping a more private journal for thoughts not safe to post online, and it's kind of taking away from things I'd post to something like this.

But I should exercise my mind and maybe share a little more of my thoughts about my interests again.

I have a pile of anime and games to play and not that much time to play them, so I think about them now and then what I do actually take the time to do.

I've been sleeping alot on weekends.

Just finished Ar Tonelico 2, which is one of my favorite RPGs to come around in a long time. I bought it last year and just got around to playing it.

Also still been working on my mud which I'm sure anybody that has heard of me knows about that.

I've been thinking about writing a new online game that would be more of a graphical mud but haven't gotten to coding it. I work a desk job now so I'm mentally more drained than I used to be, so I don't code or write as much. I feel a little guilty about that, since it seems that writing is one of the things that separates me from a robot.

If maybe I post more often here, I'll get feedback and friends and treasure and all that the internet offers -_^

So, there.
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